Angel H


Hi, my name is Angel and I’m a massage therapist here at Knot Release Therapies. My love for massage first started when I was just 5 years old. You see, my grandmother was working as a road crew worker and she spent long hours on hot asphalt. When she got home she would take her boots off and put her feet up and, just like clockwork, there I’d be, running in with the stool and a bottle of lotion to rub her feet. It made her smile and I made $.50 per foot! 

After high school I pursued a career in caregiving. I enjoyed helping my clients but realized I wasn’t really helping them to my fullest capability. I wanted to do more than assist my clients with their daily life activities...I wanted to help restore function and give them their daily lives back with full range of motion, free of aches and pains. So I started massage school and after graduating, I passed my state exam in 2015 and became a fully licensed massage therapist and have happily been helping make a true difference in our client’s lives.