3D Fit Scanner

One Stop Wellness Assessment Technology - The most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine. Designed to provide the most comprehensive wellness assessments including 3D body scans, posture analysis, hundreds of measurements, body composition, body shape wellness scoring, and 4-point weight scale. All of this paired with a powerful Cloud Reporting Platform that allows you to view your data on any device from anywhere, including single scan reports, side by side comparisons, and an aggressive feature list.


Your Full Wellness Journey - Captured

  • 3D Images and Measurements
    Full 360 degree image and hundreds of measurements from a 35 second scan.
  • Weight and Body Scale
    Total body weight, and balance assessments included. Track changes in body shape for increased motivation  
  • Powerful Cloud Reporting
    Users can access scans, data comparison and all images in a secure cloud application. 
  • Track Posture and Balance
    Capture and track changes in your posture and balance, which is of increased importance with the prevalence of work being done at our computers.  

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